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Director's Message



Welcome to our GMN website!

This is an exciting time for the Global Materials Network, as the second International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials (ICYRAM) is right around the corner in October of 2014. After the great success of the first ICYRAM in Singapore in 2012, which served as the inaugural meeting for GMN, we look forward to the upcoming conference with much anticipation and excitement. It will be a valuable time of collaboration, connection, and inspiration. 

While it would be great to be able to meet at regional and international conferences like ICYRAM on a more frequent basis, it is difficult realistically for many people. It is for this exact reason that we bring to you the brand new GMN website: the future online network for materials scientists and engineers from academic, governmental, and industrial sectors. The GMN website brings the face-to-face conference experience to the cyber realm, giving you a dynamic and engaging platform to collaborate and discuss with others whenever and wherever

GMN includes the following nine research areas: metals, polymers, ceramics, semiconductors, and nanomaterials for energy, environment, health, and security. This website is envisioned to be under the ownership of the users, and we encourage you to participate in all aspects of enriching this online community, whether it is by discussing in the forums, submitting news articles and research highlights, or listing opportunities and upcoming events. 

It is always such a great pleasure to see the international materials community advance and develop, and I look forward to seeing the Global Materials Network become an essential part of that community with a network of GMN nodes across the globe!



R.P.H. Chang,
for the GMN coordinators

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