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Launching a New Node

A key feature of the GMN is the presence of an active network of materials research and education topical Nodes interconnected around the world. The goal is to allow easy exchange of information, collaboration, and discussions among young researchers, including displaying research presentations and posters.  These nodes are to be designed and launched by groups of active researchers in thematic areas of research.  

For example, at Northwestern University, we have launched a Node on “Amorphous Semiconductor Oxides” led by Stephanie Moffitt, a senior graduate student along with nine graduate students and postdocs supervised by nine professors on this research team.  

Other nodes are also under development.  For example, Professor Oussama Moutanabbir wrote about their planned Node:

“The focus will be on the broad topic of Hybrid Materials. To start with something that can be easily managed, the membership for this node will be first restricted to the twenty something research groups who participated in the workshop. These groups represent the major universities in Montreal area including University of Montreal, McGill, Concordia, Ecole Polytechnique and INRS. We are currently discussing the timing to hold the first meeting which will be combined with a student-oriented activity on Materials Research and Society. We have approached potential sponsors to help organize the meeting and fund student awards.”

How to get started?

  1. Need an active group of researchers who have been working in a thematic materials research area.
  2. The Node needs to have a responsible leader or leaders to assure active participation, to promote cross-disciplinary materials activities, and to develop connectivity with other researchers who are also interested in that research theme, thereby compelled to join the Node.  
  3. GMN Nodes are only accessible to GMN members. Please sign up to become a member, then contact the respective leaders to join the nodes.
  4. Currently, nodes 1 and 2 are in place and nodes 3 and 4 will be launched soon:
      1. US: Amorphous Oxides
      2. Singapore: 2-D Materials 
      3. Canada: Hybrid Materials
      4. Japan: All solid state batteries
  5. Please prepare a plan and a strategy for developing your Node, and I will be delighted to discuss with you about how to launch the Node, and how to develop your Node into a key Node in the GMN. 

Looking forward to working with you,

Best wishes,


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